Horton Heavy Duty Swing Door Operators Provide Seamless Automation for Raymond EMC, a Leading Manufacturer of Shielded Enclosures


Raymond EMC’s (REMC) QuietDoor RCM Automation solution is a fully customizable shielded door with an extensive list of safety and security features.

The QuietDoor features Horton Automatics’ Heavy Duty Swing Door System, S4100. This solution provides a seamless automated experience.

REMC is able to provide their clients with superior components for their high-quality door solutions.

Jason Harrison, Head of Engineering & Design at Raymond EMC Enclosures, comments,

“The Horton Door openers allow us to provide our clients with a solution for automatically opening and closing our RF shielded doors. Our doors are quite heavy, so finding a robust product was important.

Additionally, since we install these door openers in secure facilities where phones/electrical devices are not allowed, the Horton Automatics of Ontariosimple on-board adjustments that Horton provides are ideal for any door adjustments and can be easily configured.”

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