In this industry, we put a lot of focus on the importance of EMC testing and compliance. But before products can be tested, there has to be a testing chamber.

Many engineers and designers do not realize just how many moving parts are involved in the commissioning and installation of an EMC chamber, including several that are not engineering related.

EMC Chamber Installation Best Practices: What Everyone Needs to Know to Ensure a Successful Chamber Installation is the first of a two-part whitepaper series intended to educate you on the non-technical aspects of installing an EMC chamber.

With a clear understanding of the process and everyone’s responsibilities in it, installation can be streamlined and hassle-free.

This paper covers:

  • The most common causes of delays and cost overruns in EMC chamber installation
  • A clear summary of involved parties and their responsibilities
  • What REMC can do to help ensure a smooth EMC chamber installation
  • Accreditation information

The better understanding you have of the big picture of chamber installation, the more active a role you can take in the process. That means fewer problems, faster completion, and funds saved.

Download Part 1 of our EMC Chamber Best Practices Whitepaper