Governments typically use Raymond EMC products and services to protect information. We provide turnkey services to deliver secure data centres, conference rooms and processing rooms that meet stringent government standards.

Commercial Electronics

Commercial electronics developers and manufacturers must ensure their products comply to stringent standards – such as CISPR 22, IEC 61000-4-3 and FCC 15 sub-part b – before products hit the market. Raymond EMC delivers a range of chambers for pre-compliance and compliance testing.


Raymond EMC provides turnkey service for data centres that meet many stringent requirements. Military organizations use our products in the development of military equipment and to protect secured data.


As vehicles become more reliant on electronics, the importance of EMC testing has increased to ensure auto components experience no interference with outside signals. Raymond EMC typically sells automotive solutions to vehicle manufacturers and test houses.

Aviation & Aerospace

Aviation and aerospace organizations must test product parts and complete assemblies to stringent standards such as DO 160 and MIL-STD-461. Raymond EMC produces a range of antenna test chambers, reverberation chambers and compliance chambers to assist this industry.

Telecom & IT

Telecom and IT companies use Raymond EMC’s solutions at various stages of R&D and manufacturing to ensure their products meet applicable standards. Product testing typically includes antenna testing, wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, LT and more.

Medical & Healthcare

Medical organizations require shielded chambers for performing key healthcare tasks such as MRIs and EEGs. Raymond EMC’s products protect staff from the fields generated by medical machines, and also protect the machines from external interference.

Related Products & Services

Academic and Scientific Research

Raymond EMC products provide an interference-free environment for academic and scientific researchers. Typical applications for our products include astronomy, kinesiology, optical research, directed energy research, quantum computing and much more.