Chamber Accessories

Waveguide air vents, pipe penetration waveguides, bulkhead panels, filters and more.

Raymond EMC’s diverse line of chamber accessories is one more demonstration of our flexibility and openness to innovation. Customers who require an accessory not listed on our product pages need only ask and Raymond EMC will deliver.

RF Absorbers

Raymond EMC and our many partners provide a wide range of RF absorbers – including microwave absorbers and hybrid absorbers – for all applications.

Honeycomb Waveguide Vents

Raymond EMC’s honeycomb waveguide vents provide shielded ventilation for your shielded enclosures, EMC chambers and SCIF rooms.

Waveguide Pipe Penetrations

Raymond EMC provides a variety of custom-sized shielded feedthroughs.

Bulkhead Panels

Raymond EMC’s custom sizes and field installation capability deliver bulkhead panels perfectly aligned with your facility.


Filtered feedthroughs are available for USB, ethernet, fiber optic cables, RJ11, RJ45 and RS232 connections.


Raymond EMC offers a complete line of individual or cabinet-style RF shielded power filters and signal filters, ranging from 0.5 amp to 600 amp.

Turntables and Masts

Raymond EMC offers a large line of turntables and masts for your chamber requirements.

Shielded Windows and Glass

Raymond EMC manufactures custom, shielded windows for RF shielded rooms.

Lighting Upgrade

Lighting solutions customized for your chamber Raymond EMC can upgrade your chamber lighting to a brighter and more current lighting […]