Deployable Solutions

RF shielding for any locale

The Raymond EMC QuietShelter is a deployable solution equipped with standard forklift pockets that can be transported by air, land or sea. QuietShelter meets stringent sound and shielding requirements.

QuietShelter™ Enclosure

This RF shielded chamber delivers all the benefits of our QuietShield product line, housed in a deployable shipping container.

QuietShelter™ TEMPEST

Use the deployable QuietShelter TEMPEST for any EMSEC application where electromagnetics must be kept either in or out.

QuietShelter™ STC

QuietShelter STC is Raymond EMC’s acoustic-only deployable chamber for secure discussion.

QuietShelter™ Hybrid

Raymond EMC’s QuietShelter Hybrid provides a secure discussion and secure processing facility in one deployable solution.