Shielded Enclosures

Custom modular solutions

Our range of QuietShield systems and extensive list of options combine to create high-performance RF shielded enclosures (also known as Faraday Cages) for any application.

QuietShield™ Enclosure

Raymond EMC will design, manufacture, install and certify the perfect RF shielded system to satisfy the most stringent requirements.

QuietShield™ TEMPEST

Raymond EMC will customize your modular shielding system to create secure processing facilities.

QuietShield™ Hybrid

Raymond EMC’s hybrid solution delivers secure speech and a secure processing facility.


Raymond EMC’s compact, 4’ wide x 6’ long x 7’ high RF shielded QuietStation plugs into the wall, ready for use.

QuietShield™ Screen

Our QuietShield copper screen enclosure provides an open atmosphere with limited attenuation between internal and external environments.