Turnkey solutions

Raymond EMC ships this product fully assembled and certified, including all electrical, HVAC, life-saving system and seismic requirements.

Additional features

  • Complete line of shielding options, such as bulkhead panels and waveguide pipe penetrations

  • Compact heating and cooling (that can be removed and replaced after deployment)

  • Meets electrical safety standards

  • Available in your choice of exterior color


RF shielding performance levels

Magnetic fields

20 dB at 1 kHz rising to 55 dB at 10 kHz

and 95 dB at 200 kHz

Electric field

100 dB from 200 kHz to 50 MHz

Plane waves

100 dB from 50 MHz to 1 GHz


100 dB at 10 GHz


Complete line of options

Clients work with our expert team to create custom solutions that can include:

  • Security safes, cabinets and shredders

  • Security system with surveillance camera

  • Enhanced locking capabilities

  • Fire detection systems

  • Fiber optic cabling

Multiple sizes

20’ sea container

19’ 10.5” long x 8’ wide x 8’6’’ high

40’ sea container

40’ long x 8’ wide x 8’6’’ high

40’ sea container

40’ long x 8’ wide x 9’6’’ high

Compliance with industry standards


Standard method for measuring the effectiveness of electromagnetic shielding enclosures (2006)


Criteria for design, fabrication, supply, and installation and acceptance testing of walk-in, radio-frequency-shielded enclosures (1999)


Standard test method for laboratory measurement of airborne sound transmission loss of building partitions


Standard test method of sound transmission loss of building partitions


Classification for rating sound insulation

ASTM E1925-01

Specifications for engineering and design criteria for rigid wall relocatable structures

Two-year warranty


All Raymond EMC QuietShelter™ products come with a two-year limited warranty against defective materials and craftsmanship and to retain the specified RF shielding effectiveness.