Raymond EMC is proud to partner with V Technical Textiles, Inc., manufacturer of RF & EMI shielding pouches & bags. Designed and manufactured in the United States, these QuietBags™️ provide the flexibility of protection for individuals, embassies, military, government, law enforcement, and more.


With the rise in cybercrime, many businesses and professionals found the need for their electronic information to be protected, and in many cases, this has become their number one priority. Using military program knowledge, this technology was applied to protect an individual’s sensitive information from being harvested by the modern thief.

Using Faraday Cage principles, these Faraday pouches and bags are constructed with Shieldex® materials to block the RF signals from entering or exiting the pouch. By securing personal electronic and wireless devices and computers inside these pouches, they are protected from wireless attack and data tampering. They help to secure personal data, location, blocking of WiFi access, and tampering with items carried in the bags.

Forensic Evidence Bags

These forensic bags are used by many law enforcement agencies to capture, transport, and secure electronic devices to keep the chain of custody of cyber evidence unbroken. In today’s cyber-criminal world it has become very important to collect data from these crime scenes. The forensic bag provides a secure transport bag to carry the captured devices safely to the forensic labs where their data is analyzed. These forensic bags can include rugged waterproof outer covers, anti-tamper seals, and document pockets.

QuietBags™️ also provide protection from increased vehicle thefts

With the rise of vehicle thefts in Ontario, thieves are using increasingly sophisticated technologies to access cars without creating damage through the use of signal amplification.

Utilizing this method, thieves stand in front of a home and use a wireless device to access the key FOB of a vehicle to unlock the doors and remote start the car so they are able to drive off the property.

By securing your vehicle’s key FOB within one of the shielded pouches, you are provided protection against these types of thefts as the signal is blocked.

Read more on these types of vehicle thefts here:


What is Shieldex Material?

SHIELDEX® metalized conductive fabric provides vast flexibility for many different applications. These fabrics are plated throughout with 99% pure silver. The SHIELDEX® Silverell® line of fabrics are a combination of 99% pure silver nylon yarns and non-conductive yarns. Additional coatings such as copper, nickel, and tin can be applied depending on the field of use.

Pouch & Bag Details

  • Pouches have a shielding effectiveness of 95dB @ 2.5GHz.
  • Multiple custom sizes are available