Developed from proven technology

QuietShield™ Cab is derived from Raymond EMC’s tried and proven QuietShield™ Box technology. This customizable product maneuvers on casters through standard office doorways. Each cabinet is equipped with its own power line filter, receptacles and ventilation system. Simply plug the QuietShield™ Cab in and it is ready for use.

Additional features

  • Smooth and rugged door hardware
  • Honeycomb waveguide air vents
  • Fibre optic penetrations
  • Power filters
  • Rack-mounted power bars
  • Integrated rack
  • Multiple colours available

RF shielding effectiveness levels


55 dB @ 10 kHz, 95 dB @ 200 kHz, 100 dB @ 1 MHZ


100 dB from 1 MHz to 10 GHz

Plane wave

100 dB from 1 MHz to 10 GHz


100 dB from 1 MHz to 10 GHz

Complete line of options

Clients work with our expert team to create custom solutions that can include:

  • Up to a 37u 19” rack
  • Up to 6 each 30 Amp Filtered power line feeds, 120V, 208V, 240V
  • Rack mountable power bars:
    • Up to 8 each NEMA 6-20ra receptacles
    • Up to 8 each NEMA 5-20ra
  • Up to 288, 1 G-Bit duplex LC fiber optic connections (other connector styles are available)
  • Filtered ventilation system for 12000, 24000 or 36000 BTU load
  • Height-adjustable casters
  • Black Satin powder coat paint finish (other colors are available)
  • Secure door and fiber access panels

Compliance with industry standards


Criteria for the design, fabrication, supply, installation, and acceptance testing of walk-in radio frequency shielded enclosures (December 1999)


IEEE standard method for measuring the effectiveness of electromagnetic shielding enclosures (2006) – to be completed at time of installation, prior to absorber installation

ASTM E 84 81A

Test for surface burning characteristics of building materials


Filters, radio interference, general specification for ANSI/UL-1283 standard for safety, electromagnetic interference filters


Method of insertion loss measurement for radio frequency filters


Method of attenuation measurements for electromagnetic shielding enclosure for electronic test purposes


Requirements for the control of electromagnetic interference characteristics of subsystems and equipment

UL 1283

Standard for safety – electromagnetic interference filters

Canadian Electrical Code

Pertains to the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment in Canada

Two-year warranty

All Raymond EMC QuietShield™ products come with a two-year limited warranty against defective materials and craftsmanship and to retain the specified RF shielding effectiveness.