Durable construction

QuietDoor™ HTs is designed for in excess of 200,000 cycle per year, making it among the most durable products on the market. Its durability translates to lower maintenance costs across the product life cycle.

Additional features

  • Fingerless, low maintenance RF seal
  • Standard, fully rectangular clear opening of 36” x 84” with custom sizes available
  • Easily interfaces into a standard 48” x 96” opening
  • Programmable logic controller-based pneumatic controls
  • Lockable, all-aluminum cover allows access to controls

RF shielding effectiveness levels

Magnetic fields

20 dB at 1kHz rising to 65 dB at 10 kHz and 105 dB at 200 kHz

Electric fields

120 dB from 200 kHz to 50 MHz

Plane waves

120 dB from 50 MHz to 1 GHz


110 dB at 10 GHz


  • Push-button or card swipe/keypad activation
  • Full automation


  • Upon loss of air pressure or electrical power, the system automatically unlatches for easy egress.
  • Life safety systems such as fire alarms can be interfaced directly to the PLC to unlatch all doors in case of an emergency.
  • Latch pins are specifically designed to avoid becoming jammed.
  • Leading edge bump sensors protect personnel and equipment.

Two-year warranty

All Raymond EMC Shielded Doors come with a two-year limited warranty against defective materials and craftsmanship and to retain the specified RF shielding effectiveness.